Setting Up a Photography Business in Qatar

Setting up business in Qatar can be either difficult or easy, depending on how you want to look at it. On the one hand, the entire process behind registering a company in Qatar doesn’t lead to a lot of red tape, nor does it involve large amounts of fees. However, the nation of Quatar also requires you to have Quatari partner or sponsor, who will then have a controlling share of your business. These are the challenges and advantages in setting up a workable business in the country Qatar, but if you are capable of adapting to these issues then running a growing business in the country will be relatively easy.

Having said that, the entire process of setting up a business in Qatar can be summed in the following manner.

Setting up a photography business in QatarStep 1: You will need to find a Qatari sponsor to back up your company and investments. Your Qatari sponsor’s share of your company will also be 51% or more. It’s also worth mentioning that although it’s not possible to have a secondary contract to re-divide the ownership of the company, it is possible to set up a secondary contract to re-divide the distribution of profits. So if you are satisfied with these legal restrictions then the remaining steps involved in setting up business in Qatar will be relatively easy.

Step 2: Next, you will need to consider the appropriate licenses for your business. Before you think about registering your company, you will need to look for the appropriate licenses for the type of business that you wish to set up. You can find this information in the Qatari government’s websites, or by purchasing books about business licenses in Qatar. At this stage, it’s also important that you clearly define what your company is designed to do and what sort of services it provides. Anything that extends beyond the scope of your company’s licenses can lead to fines.

Step 3: You will need to register for a CR number. Consider this as the most important permit for your business. Registration for a CR number requires that you have at least 200,000 QR for capital, which is then frozen in your company’s name for one month. After that period is over, the entire amount can be taken out and used for investments.

Step 4: You will need to get a real office space. You will also need to provide the Qatari government accurate information about your office’s location, a letter from your landlord stating that he is willing to rent out his property to your company, the monthly rent involved as well as other important issues.

Step 5: Register your logo. This logo will have to appear on all of your business registration forms as well as on various company merchandize.

Step 6: Prepare a concise and well defined template for all your contracts. Also, be sure to prepare an organized and mutually beneficial contract with your Qatari sponsor partner such as Pro-Partnership.

Step 7: Finally, remember that you’re in a Muslim country, so you may want to learn how Sharia law works in a general way.


Henri Cartier-Bresson – The Famous Photographer of Street Photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the famous personalities when it comes to street photography. Before he reached his success as a photographer, he started his life as an ordinary painter. He came with a passion for capturing lives. He loved a creative part of it and he had the sincere eye for that.

He was a native from Paris and he got inspired by the works made by other photographers. He also realized how photography captures life in some moments that will not be usually seen by your naked eye. He had a photo that has 3 children who are running at the side of the lake called Tanganyika. This had forced him to go to the streets to begin taking photos.

Henri Cartier-Bresson eventually spent a great portion of his time capturing the lives of the people who are living in France and in other parts of the world. He was known for being a photographer who captured some of the biggest events that are known to be parts of the history of the world. He was the person who captured several photographs which most people failed to obtain. This famous personality from the industry of fashion photography became popular because of the best and perfectly captured pictures he made throughout his lifetime.

His passion never disappeared from the first time he entered the industry of fashion photography. His desire for pictures and a few of his private and favorite photographs were a part of the usual life of people and most individuals do not pay attention and care about during those times.

One interesting fact that you should know about this famous person from the fashion photography field is that he was not fond of taking photos of himself. In fact, he will just go away to avoid that thing. Although he had the passion for fashion photography, he loved to do nothing. He graduated with an academic award from the Oxford University in the year 1975. He covered his face with a piece of paper so that he will be able to avoid the lens of the camera. He declared in the later part of 2000 that he does not want being photographed due to the fact that he does not like to get popularity and fame because of his photos. This is the reason why it will not be easy for you to find even 1 photo of this famous personality from the fashion industry.


The Training for Those Who Want to Enter Fashion Photography

Nowadays, there are several colleges, institutions and universities where you can obtain a degree in photography. Career colleges usually have 2 and 4 year degree courses for commercial photography. This may involve training sessions that are designed for composition, manipulation of the image, lighting as well as location photography. 

There were universities that are focused on offering four year courses for photography both in bachelor and master degree programs. Most of the concepts that will be discussed on the programs they offer could be applied and used in the field of fashion photography. 

The Facts about the Employment of all Fashion Photographers

There are some fashion photographers who are working as freelancers. They are usually employed by various fashion houses like Calvin Klein and Chanel including other retailers. They can also work for and be hired by different advertising agencies, clothes and cosmetic manufacturing companies. There are some of them who are working for magazines like as “Vanity Fair” and “Vogue” either in full-time or as contractual. 

Most people within fashion photography preferred to work as freelancers. It is because of the fact that they are aiming to have a successful photo studio of their own. Some of them who are working together with agents get assignments in exchange of a fee.  

These are the things that you should know about fashion photography. This is one of the best fields that you could enter if you have a passion for picture making. You can achieve your success this career in several ways. All you need to do is to do everything you can and use your creativity. 


Interesting Facts about Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is one of the most interesting fields when it comes to this industry. A person involved in this works in a fast paced and competitive industry of promotion, taking photos of something that is associated with fashion like clothes, cosmetic products and accessories. If you are interested in this career field, you should know that a person engaged in this field of photography has several things to do aside from taking photos of the models including the clothes they wear, the makeup and the accessories they use. This professional should focus on creating a work art.

History of Fashion Photography

Cameras and photography were created around the year 1830. On the other hand, the first pictures of a pretty woman wearing fashionable clothes were made in the year 1856. These artworks were made by the famous photographer named Adolph Braun. He had about 300 pictures of the Tuscan countess and the shoot was performed at the Napoleon III court. The countess was wearing official clothes used in the court. The French people developed the genre on their fashionable and stylish publication known as “Le Mode Prcatique”. Within the United States, the magazine “Vogue” did similar thing when Conde Nast handled the magazine in year 1909.

The Fashion Photography During 1920s to 1930s

The rise of the fashion photography happened from the 1920s and until the 1930s. It started when “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar” conducted a competition for the best and perfectly captured photos within the fashion industry. There were certain photographers named Edward Steich and Cecil Beaton who became famous and they gained their popularity by being house photographers throughout these years. The competition continued until the 1940s and the famous photographers for fashion photography at that time were Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn.

The Fashion Photography in the Modern Times

In most recent years, fashion photographers named Stephen Meisel and Annie Leibovitz obtained their popularity for their photos taken from famous fashion models together with other celebrities. Most people within the fashion photography industry became celebrities on their own ways. They have their own photo studios and their careers are focused on photographic arts and fashion. Meisel and Leibovitz are two of the most popular names within the industry of fashion photography who got success on both genres.

There are several persons involved in this progressive and very rewarding industry. Aside from Meisel and Leibovitz, there are also other names that are known to be the most famous persons in the industry of fashion photography. They are George Hoyningen-Huene, Horst P. Horst and Edward Jean Steichen. 


Best Cameras for Fashion Photography

The model of camera that you can use for fashion technology would be one among the most important decisions that you have to do in your career. This is one of your investments and purchasing it will have a great effect on your creativity. There are several brands to choose from and you have significant differences to choose from within this process. The most suitable tool will provide you the best and perfectly made shots and this will make your overall work memorable.

As mentioned before, there are lots of options to choose from and you may not easily find the best camera for you. On the other hand, there are some brands in the market that are known to be the most suitable ones that you can use for fashion photography. The following are the brands that you should consider when choosing a good camera for your needs:

Best Models of Camera for Fashion Photography

1.      Olympus PEN EP-1 – it is one of the cheapest cameras that you can use for fashion photography. It comes with 12.3 megapixels that you cannot imagine due to its small size. It also has other features that give utmost help for your needs.

2.       Samsung NX10 – this model is considered as the best option for beginners and part-time fashion photographers. It has good features like Beauty Photo Shot System that can give you clear and lively photos regardless of the angle. It also comes with a larger image sensor that can perform amazingly in areas with dim lights. It features an extra-bright outlook screen that will allow you to see the shot even in direct light of the sun.

3.       Nikon D3x – it is offered at a very affordable price and it is proven good in terms of performance. It has a 24.5 megapixel resolution and this camera can help you immediately in distinguishing yourself. You can use its 3D autofocus image tracking technology and it would effortlessly provide you with perfect precision as well as clarity for all types of shots.

4.       Canon EOS 1DS Mark II – it is also a high-end camera which is known for being great in fashion photography. It provides 16.7 megapixels and is compatible with more than 50 camera lenses made by the same manufacturing company. It also features DIGIC II picture processor that is remarkably effective and powerful.  You can make more than 1,000 shots in 1 battery charge. When you are searching for a good and universal high-end choice for fashion photography, you can always count on this camera.

5.       Hasselblad H3D – this camera is quite expensive but it is worthy to have this high cost one due to some reasons. The first one is that it comes with 50 megapixels precision which is almost unparalleled by other models of cameras available within the market.

These are the brands of cameras that are proven to be the best for fashion photography. Although there are various brands and models available, still, there will be some that are known to be the best ones and can really help photographers like you to have perfectly captured photos. 


Famous Photographer of Fashion and Portrait Photography

Photography is one of the best industries for those who are looking for a chance to become popular in different parts of the world. Do you ever wonder about the famous names in terms of fashion and portrait photo making? Here are the popular photographers in these fields.

Famous Photographers in Fashion Photography

Irving Penn  

He is from America and he became popular due to his classic and stylish frames. He also became a part of the magazine “Vogue” wherein he employed certain techniques like using gray or white backdrops which was quite popular during his time.

Terence Donovan 

This photographer became popular due to his passion for photography in the 1960s. His adventurousness was shown on his masterpieces when the models accomplished daredevil aerial tricks to create a great picture. He also became one among the most adored celebrity photographers.

Richard Avedon 

This born-talented photographer was from New York and he established his own business in 1946. He showcased all his models on the natural light while his works were posted in 2 famous magazines which are Life and Vogue. He also received several awards throughout his time.

Famous Photographers of Portrait Photography 

Ueno Hikoma 

He was from Nagasaki and he had an exceptional judgment in terms of portrait and landscape picture making. He started working as a photographer and opened his commercial studio by snapping several Japanese people including other races. He was the photographer of the Russian Crown Prince in year 1891. The photo contest of the Kyushu Sangyo University was founded in the year 2000 as a way to honor this famous portrait photographer and to give motivation to other photographers.

Philippe Halsman 

Although he suffered some setbacks throughout his private life, he pursued to obtain respect and to be recognized as one among the top portrait photographers during his lifetime. His arts were known to be dark and sharp. After he gave contributions to the magazine “Vogue”, he made improvements when the time he met Salvador Dali. He spent 3 hours to finish his art called “Voluptas Mors”, a surrealist photograph of Dali with 7 nude figures and a skull. He was the one who developed the concept involved in jump photography which aims to show the “real” person inside. In his developing career, he became the photographer of other celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Alfred Hitchcock, Winston Churchill, Pablo Picasso and Judy Garland.

Hiroh Kikai 

This photographer from Japan became popular because of his indistinct portraits within the area of Asakusa in Tokyo. His earlier years were full of struggle and he spent most of his leisure time taking photos of those people who visited Asakusa. He was a perfectionist in every photo he created since he loved natural vicinity. In 1987, the initial collection of Ecce Homo was released to the public. His portraits that were introduced in India and these were contrasted with his formal photos taken in Asakusa.

They are the famous people of fashion and portrait photography. If you want to know more about them, you should make a research online and look for the websites where you can find their autobiographies. 


Great Canon Lenses for Street Photography

Choosing the lens that you will use on street photography is one of the most important things that you should do. To get the best one for your camera, you should consider the cost, size, lens speed, image quality and the weight. Depending on the focal length, camera lens can be categorized as normal, medium, wide angle and telephoto. Street photography does not mean that you will take pictures of the road. Even though the best kind of street photography is the standard lens with a focus range of approximately 35 up to 70 mm, you will still need other forms of lenses depending on your purpose.

You know that Canon is one of the best and popular companies when it comes to cameras. They have a wide series of options to choose from for cameras and its accessories like camera lens. If you are looking for the best lenses for your Canon camera, then you should consider the following:

Best Canon Lenses

1.       Canon EF-70 up to 200 mm Telephoto Lens – this lens is the best one to use if your camera is SLR. It can perform fast as it comes with an adaptable focal length. It can also resist and protect itself against water and dust when you have to use it in a setting with harsh environmental situation.

2.       Canon EF 50mm Camera Lens – it is the camera lens that comes with several features which you can purchase at a very affordable price. It is small and lightweight and has f/1.8 maximized aperture. This is also sharp and it can focus on an image with a distance of 18 inches. This lens will give utmost help if you need to take picture within a public place.

3.       Canon EF 50mm Standard and Medium Lens for SLR Cameras – if you are looking for a middle class of the 50mm camera lens made by Canon, then you may consider this lens. It is known to be much better than the previously mentioned 50mm lens but it is not good in the same way as Canon EF 70 to 200 mm. It is outfitted with 2 high-refraction elements and latest Gaussian optics combined to remove and suppress astigmatism and its difference.

4.       Canon EF 24 to 70 mm Standard Zoom Camera Lens – although it can perform faster than the 24-105, it does not have image stabilization, but it can still perform and capture great images. It comes with an ultra-low dispersion glass that has Fluorite elements, permanent manual focus interior focusing ring and aspherical lens.

5.       Canon EF f/4 24 to 105 mm USM lens – it has a ring-type system that provides silent and fast autofocus  and permanent manual focus. It also features Picture Stabilizer Technology that steadies the camera shake in just 3 stops. You can be sure with its performance as it comes with resistance to moisture and dust.

6.       Canon  f/4L EF 70 to 200 mm Telephoto Camera Lens – it comes with great features like interior focusing system and ring-type ultrasonic monitor designed for fast and noise-free auto-focusing.

These are the Canon camera lenses that are the most suitable to use in street photography. If you want to know where you can find more information about any of these lenses, you can always search for them in the web.  With these lenses, you can be sure that you will have great pictures when doing street photography.


Different Kinds of Lenses Used in Photography

Having a good camera will not let you have perfectly captured photographs. Most photo enthusiasts like you should learn everything about photography so that you will be able to create vibrant and realistic photos. It involves the different tools that you will need to use in taking photos and one of these is the camera lenses. These are essential parts of cameras which must be provided with attention.

There are different kinds of camera lenses available within the market. Do you have any idea about these? Here are the types of camera lenses that are typically used in photography.

Various Kinds of Lenses 

  • ·         35 to 80 mm standard lens – these are known as the standard lenses for cameras. This lens is usually included in the package when you buy the camera housing. The reading of this lens will tell you about the distance between you and the image. As you could take pictures and capture images several miles apart using this type of lens, it will be hard for you to meet the features’ distinction on your desired print. Standard cameras lens is suitable for near distance and close up image capturing.
  • ·         75 up to 300 mm telephoto lens – to have more defined subjects for your pictures, you should use the longer distance type of lens. You have several options to choose from when it comes to telephoto lens and one of these is the 75 to 300 mm camera lens. As it is not bigger or heavier compared to other lenses available, you will see some professional photographers carrying and using it. This type of camera lens is a great improvement for wildlife and landscape photography.
  • ·         Panoramic camera lens – another thing that you should consider when it comes to photo making is the light and angles of the images you want to capture. Panoramic shooting is a method of taking spectacular and splendid landscape photos. The lens intended for this method will let you broaden the outlook of the photos, especially if the camera you are using is a digital one. When you want to take a picture of a glacier or mountain range without the need to edit or paste them all using Photoshop, using this type of camera lens is the best thing that you should do to make these things. You can also use this lens on your film camera.
  • ·         Mobile tripod – regardless if you are just a beginner or a professional photographer, you want to enhance and maximize your skills in photography. The next tool you should consider is the mobile tripod as it will aid you in stabilizing the camera. This tool is also useful in capturing portrait photos.

All picture making mediums require the use of average to top camera accessories and pieces of equipment. This way, you will be able to make pictures with superior quality. Great picture making process will depend on the skills and your keen eye. You will need to use lenses once you begin learning the art of photography. If you want to know more about various camera lenses and other pieces of equipment used in this field, you should browse the web and make researches about it.


Eric Cheng – A Good Underwater Photography Personality

There are several photographers who became popular in the field of underwater photography. One of these is Eric Cheng. He said that an underwater photographer needs to be more technically skilled when doing underwater picture taking. He is successful in taking pictures under the water. He said that a photographer will be able to do it by positioning himself in a correct position within the right places where he should make shots.

Also, he needs to pay more attention and be careful not to ruin any of the living creatures that can be found under the sea throughout the process of capturing the photos of those creatures. He also added that as an underwater photographer, he tend to be a conversationalist as he need to pay more attention on the creatures that swim and surround him including the habitats of those creatures.

Check out for more info.

He has the tools necessary for underwater photography. He uses a stylish waterproof camera and that is Canon 1Ds Mk 3 DLSR camera. To provide protection for it, he uses a high quality and durable underwater housing which is the Seacam waterproof housing. Eric Cheng uses double Ikelite DS-125 waterproof strobes that are mounted on the articulating arms. These are placed and attached on the housing for this waterproof camera.

He is not using more post processing every time he goes under the sea to take some pictures. He also believes that Photoshop is the only beneficial tool that can bring out the remaining 5% of the images last pop. Obtaining the image that is exposed through the correct way from the start is the ultimate key for consistency of the photos created by Eric Cheng.

The technical skills that he is using each time he goes under the water to take pictures helped in ensuring his capability to get correct exposure. It includes the lighting and the way how he uses his 2 Ikelite strobes. When someone asks him about the light setup including the way how uses it to get the magical and excellent quality of the images he captures, he will answer it with a very impressive answer.

He said that he uses the setting installed on both underwater strobes he is using and the power setting of the manual strobe. Underwater photography is a big thing for this famous underwater photographer because every dive is a new experience. He suggests spending more time under the water and always being ready to face and try new things.


Waterproof Camera – An Essential Tool for Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is one of the most interesting fields in this career field. You have lots of options to choose from when it comes to pieces of equipment that you can use in this kind of job. If it is your first time to take pictures under the water and you do not have any idea about the tools that you should use, then you should be aware about the following cameras that are specifically designed to be used on water.

Different Types of Waterproof Cameras 

  • ·         Point and capture cameras – these are compacted and they are so easy to use. They are designed to be used for casual and fun photos together with your friends or loved ones. You can also use them when there are certain events in your life. Most of the consumers choose them because they are often sold at cheaper prices.
  • ·         DLSR cameras – these are the cameras designed for those people who are sincere when it comes to photography. These models are built with several lenses to select from including other necessary accessories. They are typically sold at a higher price but if you will think about their features, you will understand that they are worthy to be expensive.
  • ·         Full-featured cameras – they bridge the spaces between the point and capture and DSLR camera models. They are moderately compacted and convenient to use cameras that have the same features of DSLR cameras. They are also known to be less expensive compared to DSLR cameras but their prices are higher than the prices of point and capture cameras.

Important Features of Underwater Cameras 

The cameras for underwater photography should have an underwater housing. Despite of the fact that they are resistant to moisture, these cameras do not have the capacity to survive from full submersion if they do not have an underwater housing. This accessory will provide protect against pressure and water. Check out Eric Cheng – A Good Underwater Photography Personality.

There are also some desirable features that good underwater cameras have. These features must be considered if you are planning to buy a camera that you will use for underwater photography. Here are the desirable features of waterproof cameras:

  • ·        Manual white stability
  • ·        Exterior flash unit
  • ·        Full-control access
  • ·        Broad angle adapter
  • ·        Big memory card

If you are planning to buy a camera designed for underwater photography and you want to get the best out of the options available, you should make an online research first. Also, you should read the details included in the reviews made by those people who bought the underwater camera you would like to buy.